Polish Sweet Sampler. Number 7


Weight: 4.00 LB

Contains 6 very popular, tasty and unique Polish products: Bird`s Milk - Ptasie mleczko;  Chocolate Figures with Liquor; Truffles in Chocolate - Trufle; Praline Wafers by Wedel - Torcik wedlowski; Bitter Chocolate Bar; Kukulki - "Cuckoos". No cooler necessary for shipping.


Bird`s Milk - Ptasie mleczko: chocolate covered, delicate and delicious marshmallows - one of the most famous and uniquely Polish specialties. 380g (13.4 oz)


Chocolate Figures with Liquor - Barylki z likworem: barrel-shaped chocolate desserts with various liqueurs filling.  200 g (7.5 oz.)


Truffles in Chocolate - Trufle w czekoladzie: original truffles with rum and raisins, a favorite chocolate candy. 230 g (8.11 oz.).


Praline Wafers by Wedel - Torcik waflowy wedlowski: wafer cake with nut filling and coated with chocolate, hand decorated in ten different patterns. 250 g (10.58 oz.)


Wedel Bitter Chocolate Bar - Czekolada gorzka - 100 g (3.5 oz.)


Kukulki - "Cuckoos": Very popular caramel candies with cocoa filling and a touch of liqueur. 100 g. (3.52 oz.)

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