Mini paroweczki - Baby Frankfurters


Weight: 0.50 LB

Tasty franks made of veal with an addition of pork for better taste and texture. Usually served boiled or grilled. Pickles, mustard or horseradish would add a nice touch. Weight and price may slightly differ between individual packages. Average weight of package: 0.5 lb. Price per 1 lb: $8.98. Vacuum packed.


Stinney -

Thursday, 07 April 2022

Oh my gosh....they are wonderful. These little franks are absolutely delicious! We put them on the grill with the garlic sausage and they plumped up into these great mini-appetizers. The veal was wonderfully tender and moist. They were enjoyed by everyone we served. We served them with mustard, pickled beets and eggs, and horseradish.