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Parowki - Wieners

Parowki (Wieners) are lighter type of Polish kielbasa (sausage) that could be served hot for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They belong to much higher class of food than the American hot dog. Parowki are made of finely ground pork or veal - often mixed together. One of the favorite Polish food products, thanks to its delicate taste and texture.

Parowki (Wieners) are usually served boiled or baked with Polish bread as a side and addition of chrzan (Polish horseradish), mustard or Polish pickles.

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Mini paroweczki - Baby Frankfurters

Weight: 0.50 LB
Tasty franks made of veal with an addition of pork for better taste and texture. Usually served boiled or grilled. Pickles, mustard or horseradish would add a nice touch.

Parowki Cielece - Veal Wieners

Weight: 1.00 LB
Central European noble father of American hot dog belongs to much higher, gourmet class of food. Made from select cuts of veal and pork finely ground. Lightly seasoned and smoked.

Parowki Slaskie - Silesian Wieners

Weight: 0.75 LB
Tasty pork wieners, thin and long.

Serdelki - Jumbo Natural Casing Frankfurters

Weight: 1.00 LB
Classic Polish thick wieners (serdelki). Made from select cuts of pork and veal. Lightly seasoned and smoked.

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