Polish Variety Sausage & Cold Cut Sampler. Number 3


Weight: 9.00 LB

All products will be shipped in a cooler with ice gels - already included in the price. The sampler contains 5 products (around 1 lb each): Zywiecka Sausage - Kielbasa Zywiecka; Smoked Cheese "Kurpianka"; Salceson Wiejski - Country Head Cheese; Poledwica Sopocka - Smoked Pork Loin "Sopocka"; Pierogi with Sauerkraut and Mushrooms; The final price could be slightly lower or higher depending on the exact weight of the individual pieces.


Zywiecka Sausage - Kielbasa Zywiecka: originally created in the Zywiec region of southern Poland, firm, nicely marbled kielbasa made of top-quality diced pork and a little beef for added body. Seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic and hardwood-smoked to bring out all its savory, succulent taste. Great cold cut for delicious sandwiches or as an addition to many dishes.

Smoked Cheese "Kurpianka": very smokey, uniquely excellent yellow cheese.

Salceson Wiejski - Country Head Cheese: parts of pig selected for its manufacture may be considered to be inferior by some people, the truth is that they are lean and rich in vitamins; pieces of meat are placed in a solid state jelly. The taste is unique and loved by many gourmet food seekers.

Poledwica Sopocka - Smoked Pork Loin "Sopocka": made of choice lean pork loins, smokey flavor and delicate texture is obtained through a slow smoking and cooking process, perfect for sandwiches, salads and for buffet.

Pierogi with Sauerkraut and Mushrooms: the bestseller among our pierogi. No artificial ingredients. 12 in a pack. (You may choose any other filling from our pierogi list, just note the change in "Customer's Note" at the checkout).

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