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Polish Variety Sausage & Cold Cut Sampler. Number 2


Weight: 9.00 LB

All products will be shipped in a cooler with ice gels - already included in the price. The sampler contains 5 products (around 1 lb each): Kielbasa Krakowska Sucha - Dry Krakow Sausage; Kishka Ring - Kaszanka; Gypsy Style Smoked Bacon - Boczek Cyganski; Farmer Cheese - Twarog "Laciaty"; Pierogi Ruskie - Russian Pierogi. The final price could be slightly lower or higher depending on the exact weight of the individual pieces.


Kielbasa Krakowska Sucha - Dry Krakow Sausage: made from choice cuts of lean pork, seasoned with pepper, allspice, coriander and garlic, packed into large casings and smoked.


Kishka Ring - Kaszanka: traditional blood sausage made of a mixture of pig's blood and buckwheat kasza - may be eaten raw, but usually it is grilled or fried with onions and served with potato and sauerkraut.


Gypsy Style Smoked Bacon - Boczek Cyganski: bacon strongly smoked to dark cherry - with special spices. Very lean, great with sandwiches or scrambled eggs.


Farmer Cheese - Twarog "Laciaty": semi-fat Polish style farmer cheese great for nalesniki (crepes), pierogi (dumplings), sernik (cheese cake) or as typical Polish breakfast staple - twarozek (with sour cream, scallions and radishes).


Pierogi Ruskie - Russian Pierogi: the second bestselling pierogi on our website - traditional Polish (despite its name) pierogi - with cheese and potato filling. No artificial ingredients. 12 in a pack. (You may choose any other filling from our pierogi list, just note the change in "Customer's Note" at the checkout).

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