We ship food products only within the continental USA. We do not ship highly perishable products over the weekend.

When you buy cold cuts or other highly perishable food from us you have to purchase one of the special shipping boxes for perishables. We also reserve the right to refuse regular UPS ground services for the states where the shipping time is longer than 3 days from our New York City location. In those cases you need to choose at least Third Day UPS Service.

Shipping & Handling cost depends on the type of products, their total weight and distance. Your final order shows only an estimated cost. Therefore if the cost is higher than shown we will send you an e-mail with the shipping options and final cost for your approval before we charge your card. We ship all in stock items within 1-3 working days. Our main shipping carrier is UPS.


We offer 2nd & 3rd Day UPS service on all in stock items: usual delivery is on third or fourth business day from the date order was received. Next day UPS service package should be received on a second business day from the date order was received.


When you order cold cuts or other highly perishable products we pack them into insulated boxes (similar to coolers) with Leak Proof Food Safe Refrigerant Gel to maintain freshness. The price of the packing depends on the weight & size of your order.  The boxes and Ice Gels are reusable.  The average cost varies from $7.50 to $8.99.

Please make sure that you are present at the time when the package arrives. You will receive your UPS tracking number by e-mail. We highly recommend using business & commercial addresses where there is always somebody to receive your package.

Our shipping days for cold cuts are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday depending on where the shipments are going and chosen type of service. We do not ship perishable food products over the weekend. If you order food products that are not highly perishable (sweets, mushrooms, jars etc.) your order could be shipped by UPS Ground Service to any state within continental US - though during Summer months we still recommend purchasing insulated box for sweet products.