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Chocolate Bars

The choclates are made by world famous Polish Wedel Confectionary. Wedel is the oldest chocolate brand in Poland. Its products have been bringing pleasure to consumers for over 160 years. Emil Wedel, the founder of the company, was an unwavering optimist, who infected others with his attitude. Polish sweets bearing Wedel's name quickly won people's hearts and the business went into the hands of subsequent generations, which perfected the art of making chocolate. Wedel brand means flavour and superior-quality chocolate with an intense, familiar taste. This recognizable, deep flavour is owed to the top quality cocoa from Ghana and carefully selected ingredients.

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Bajeczny - Milk Chocolate with Waffles and Nuts.

Weight: 0.22 LB
Milk Chocolate Bar filled with hazelnuts, peanuts and waffle pieces. Name means "fabulous" and fabulous it is!

Czekolada mleczna - Milk Chocolate Bar

Weight: 0.22 LB
Favorite milk chocolate for many generations.

Czekolada nadziewana - Filled Chocolate Bar

Weight: 0.22 LB
Fillings: toffi, capuccino; black currant, orange, strawberry, hazelnutnut, coconut.

Pierrot - Milk Chocolate Bar with Peanuts

Weight: 0.22 LB
Pierrot - Milk Chocolate Bar filled with pieces of peanuts. Made by Wedel, one of the best and oldest sweet confectionaries in Europe.

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