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Kasza gryczana - Buckwheat Roasted Groats

Weight: 0.88 LB
Great tasting and nutritious, full of vitamins and minerals. One of Polish favorites often served with mushrooms and gravies.

Kasza jeczmienna perlowa - Pearl Barley Kasha

Weight: 0.88 LB
Very nutritious, full of vitamins and minerals. Healthy alternative to potatoes, noodles or rice. Could be served with all kinds of sauces.

Kasza Manna - Semolina

Weight: 0.88 LB
Semolina is a popular Polish breakfast fare for both adults and kids.

Kasza Manna blyskawiczna - Semolina Instant (Vanilla)

Weight: 0.88 LB
Popular Polish breakfast fare, semolina with great vanilla taste.

Peczak - Hulled Barley Kasha

Weight: 0.88 LB
The most natural and least processed of barley kashas peczak is the best source of healthy fiber and minerals. Nutritious addition to soups, specially popular Polish “Krupnik” (barley soup) and sauces.

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