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Loafs & Baked Meats

Polish kielbasa is great but Polish butchers also make the sophisticated baked meats. Try Schab Podwojny Pieczony z Papryka (Double Oven Roasted Pork Loin) or Cielecina Faszerowana (Stuffed Veal Breast). Tasty treats for holidays and parties. Polish meats at their best!

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Cielecina Faszerowana - Stuffed Veal Breast

Weight: 3.00 LB
Roulade of tender veal breast stuffed with ground pork meat and spices. Tasty cold cut.

Karczek Pieczony Krolewski - Royal Baked Shoulder Butt

Weight: 3.00 LB
Very lean shoulder butt baked with spices. Ideal cold cut for tasty sandwiches.

Schab Podwojny Pieczony z Papryka - Double Oven Roasted Pork Loin

Weight: 5.00 LB
Two choice lean pork loins joined together in a net - baked and coated with red paprika. Perfect for sandwiches, salads and for buffet.

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