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When Poles come to America one of the things they miss most is good crusty European bread. Instead of the clay-like or puffy products we present real breads – fresh and tasty, baked with only natural ingredients. From typical Polish rye to various whole-meal breads. You are going to love them! Great with Polish kielbasa and other cold cuts and cheese.

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Chalka - Challah Bread

Weight: 1.50 LB
Special braided bread - specialty of Polish Jews, beloved by Poles. Sweet and soft.

Chleb Litewski - Lithuanian Bread

Weight: 1.00 LB
Semi-dark bread based on old Lithuanian recipes. Made with the finest wheat, rye and malted barley flour.

Chleb Razowy Babuni - Granny's Dark Rye Bread

Weight: 1.50 LB
Traditional rye dark bread baked in Polish neighborhood of Greenpoint in New York.

Chleb Staropolski - Old Poland Rye Bread

Weight: 1.10 LB
Small loaf of typical Polish rye bread, more tasty crust. Made at Staropolska Bakery in the Polish neighborhood of Greenpoint in Brooklyn, NY.

Chleb Wiejski - Country Bread

Weight: 1.32 LB
Fully hand made, nicely formed round loaf of rye & wheat bread. From Staropolska Bakery in Polish neghborhood of Greenpont in Brooklyn, NY.

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