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Wild mushrooms hunting is a healthy national tradition in Poland. Vast Polish forests in all regions of Poland create ideal environment for growth of variety of high quality wild mushrooms beloved by Poles. Such Epicurean delights as Borowik (also known as king bolete or porcini) and Kurka (Golden Chanterelle) are premium finds cherished by gourmets.

The other sought for popular and tasty wild mushrooms are: Podgrzybek (Bay Bolete), Maslak (Slippery Jack), Opienka (Honey Mushroom). They thrive in Poland thanks to a mild climate and, moreover, the natural, intact state of Polish forests.

The marinated wild mushrooms pair very well with Polish kielbasa and other Polish cold cuts, while the dried wild mushrooms, specially Borowik also called Prawdziwek (porcini), will make an excellent ingredient of other Polish food specialties like soups and sauces as well as pierogi's fillings.

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Borowik marynowany caly - Pickled Bolete (whole)

Weight: 0.66 LB
King of the forest mushrooms pickled according to centuries old traditional Polish recipe. Simply the best!

Borowik suszony - Dried King Bolete (40 g)

Weight: 40.00 G
King of wild mushrooms, undoubtedly the finest tasting above ground mushroom known to a man, picked in exquisite Polish forests. They have wonderful nutty flavour, intensive aroma, especially when dried.

Kurka marynowana - Marinated Golden Chanterelle

Weight: 0.66 LB
One of the most sought after mushrooms with a characteristic pleasant smell and supple flesh. Its flavor and taste in a marinade is unique and excellent!

Maslak marynowany - Marinated Slippery Jack (Whole)

Weight: 0.66 LB
Carefully selected small mushrooms with soft, delicate flesh and exceptional sweetish flavor.

Opienka - Marinated Honey Mushroom

Weight: 0.66 LB
Small, supple mushrooms (Armillariella mellea). Ideal for marinade.

Podgrzybek marynowany - Pickled Bay Bolete

Weight: 0.66 LB
Resembles in taste and texture a bolete mushroom - very good and less expensive!

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