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Here we present the most traditional Polish cakes - usually related to the holiday customs and based on the very old recipes. They were baked everywhere - form the small villages to noblemen mansions (palaces and "dworki") for centuries. Simple and very tasty!
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Chrusciki - Polish Angel Wings Cookies

Weight: 0.40 LB
Polish traditional crunchy cookies, also known as Angel Wings or Polish crullers – fried bow tie sweet pastries.

Chalka - Challah Bread

Weight: 1.50 LB
Special braided bread - specialty of Polish Jews, beloved by Poles. Sweet and soft.

Babka Drozdzowa z Serem - Cheese Babka

Weight: 1.00 LB
Traditional yeast Polish babka with white cheese filling.

Makowiec - Poppy Seed Cake (Noblemen Style)

Weight: 1.10 LB
A traditional Polish cake, especially popular during the Christmas and Easter seasons. The richer and more sophisticated version.

Babka Piaskowa - Sandy Babka

Weight: 1.50 LB
One of the most famous and traditional cakes in Poland called “babka piaskowa” (sandy cake). Very popular and baked for every holiday and other occasions.

Keks - Polish Fruit Cake

Weight: 1.50 LB
Delicate delicious cake filled with dried fruits.

Paczki – Polish Doughnuts (6)

Weight: 1.40 LB
6 Douhnuts. Pączki (POHNCH-kee) are fried rounds of yeast dough with fruit preserve filling. Delicious!

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