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Kielbasa Zwyczajna - Polish Sausage


Weight: 1.50 LB

Typical regular Polish sausage made from cured pork with spices (black pepper, marjoram and fresh garlic). It is simmered in hot water and then lightly smoked. Could be used for many purposes: grilling, as a cold cut for sandwiches, as an addition to stews, scrambled eggs and classic Polish bigos. Weight and price may slightly differ between individual packages. Average weight of kielbasa pair: 1.50 lb. Price per 1 lb.: $8.99


Administrator -

Friday, 03 September 2010

“Another sausage, like the Krakowska Sucha, to be cut into big rounds and eaten on a sandwich. I prefer this one, actually; the name translates to "home-made style," and you can sense its rusticity next to the Krakowska Sucha's elegance. It is a strongly smoked sausage, chunky but less chunky than the Krakowska, with a dark-roasted outside. Again, it is Bacik (Sweet Poland) with the big score here. I love their "kielbasa domowa". It's 1 1/2" across, with lovely pale pink mixed-meat inside, and a really winning smoky-roasty taste." - from the review by popular food & travel writer David Rosengarten in his August 2010 newsletter "The Rosengarten Report".

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