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Delicje szampanskie - Champagne Delicacies


Weight: 0.30 LB

Delicje - eat it politely or perhaps start with the soft biscuit and leave the jelly and chocolate to the end?  Anyone who received these famous "dainty" cakes as a child experienced a similar dilemma.  They also then experienced the disappointment of seeing the last delicious bits of the sweet treat disappear.  These round biscuits with fruit jelly covered in chocolate have been available in Poland since the 1970s.  Initially orange-flavoured, they are today available in several additional flavors.

Jaffa cake covered with chocolate - Delicje are sponge cake biscuits with fruit filling and chocolate; packed in decorative cartons. Choose your favorite filling from 3 flavors: cherry, orange, or apricot. 136g (5.25 oz)

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