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Assam Loyd Black Tea (loose)


Weight: 0.25 LB

Assam is a type of an Indian tea (Camellia assamica) produced in the Assam region, in the north-east India. In this area, the tea harvest season lasts from April to November. Assam teas are appreciated by tea lovers for their very intense, strong flavour owed to a high content of tannins. Let LOYD become your guide across the land of intense sensations where the flavour of tea infusion is stronger than ever before. Carton box 80 g (2.8 oz)

The LOYD leaf tea line is a collection of teas produced on the basis of carefully selected tea types, mostly "single origin" ones, prepared especially for true gourmets of this noble drink. The blends offered by Mokate come from selected tea gardens from different corners of our word. Let the ebony intensity of this aromatic black tea make every moment in time nicer, to help you discover magic in everything that surrounds you. Let it enchant you, because LOYD offers tea with a hint of magic.

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