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Grandma Jagoda - Mint with Apple


Weight: 0.20 LB

Mint has over 40 different species, 10 of which grow in Poland. In the Ancient Rome, novice philosophers wore garlands made from fresh mint, which was supposed to stimulate their minds. For many years magical properties have been attributed to mint. Its infusion is supposed to chase away bad thoughts, and tied into knots in silk and placed in one's bed is said to guarantee marital fidelity of one's partner. Together with an apple, it makes for a truly refreshing combination! Ingredients: mint leaf 45%, apple 38.5%, aroma, liquorice root 5%, roasted chicory root, citric acid – acid regulator. Directions: Place one tea bag in a cup or previously warmed tea-pot. Pour in freshly boiled water. Leave to brew for 6-8 minutes. 20 tea bags. Total weight 40 g (1.41 oz.)

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