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Poles are famous around the world for their delicious kielbasy. The word entered English directly from Polish "kielbasa".

Polish kielbasa (sausage) is a staple of Polish cuisine and comes in dozens of varieties: grilling kielbasy, dried or half-dry, smoked or fresh. There are many types of Polish sausages: kielbasy żywieckie, kielbasy krakowskie, kabanosy and multitude of others - every region has its own specialties and kielbasa recipes. Kielbasy are extremely popular Polish food products, each brand with a precise unique taste.

Polish cold cuts: Szynka (Polish Hams), Boczek (Polish Bacons), Salceson (Polish Headcheese), Poledwica Lososiowa (Fresh Smoked & Cured Pork Loin) and others are produced according to traditional Polish recipes and also have their numerous advocates.

Polish kielbasa and Polish cold cuts are most often produced from pork and beef as well as poultry.  All  of them are well seasoned, aromatic, nicely packaged - they look exceptionally appetizing.

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Kaszanka (Kiszka) - Kishka Ring

Weight: 1.00 LB
Kiszka (kishka) - traditional blood sausage made of a mixture of pig's blood and buckwheat kasza stuffed in a pig intestine. May be eaten raw, grilled or fried with some onions.

Szynka z Indyka (w siatce) - Smoked Turkey Ham

Weight: 8.00 LB
Very lean and healthy delicious smoked turkey breast in a net. No fat!

Kaczka Faszerowana - Duck Loaf

Weight: 5.00 LB
Duck stuffed with ground duck meat and pork, with spices and parsley. Delicious cold cut.

Flaczki - Tripe Soup

Weight: 1.00 LB
Flaki or Flaczki is a traditional Polish meat stew. Its name is derived from its main ingredient: thin, cleaned tender strips of beef tripe (in Polish: flaki). The dish dates back as early as the 14th century, when it ...

Pasztet Mazowiecki - Pork Pate by Krakus

Weight: 0.64 LB
Traditional Polish pork pate in a tin can. Produced by the award winning Krakus Company.

Kielbasa Czosnkowa - Garlic Sausage

Weight: 1.00 LB
Classic Polish sausage made from cured pork with spices (black pepper, marjoram) accented by generous and healthy addition of fresh garlic.

Kielbaski Mysliwskie - Hunter Sausage

Weight: 1.00 LB
Excellent kielbasa. Short, thin, semi-dry sausages strongly smoked (twice). Very lean with addition of flavorful spices.

Kielbasa Szynkowa (peto) – Ham Kielbasa Shinkova (ring)

Weight: 2.50 LB
Delicious ring of smoked sausage made with bits of ham. Unique taste that brings flavors of the best dry kielbasa and Polish ham together. One of the best cold cuts. Price per 1 lb: $11.99

Kielbasa domowa – Home-Made Style Sausage

Weight: 1.00 LB
The most traditional Polish country kielbasa. Strongly smoked - only with natural woods, finely ground with garlic and spices. Vacuum packed.

Kielbasa Krakowska Sucha - Dry Krakow Sausage (vacuum packed)

Weight: 1.00 LB
Popular and tasty sausage takes its name from the city of Cracow, old Polish royal capital. Made from choice cuts of lean pork, seasoned with pepper, allspice, coriander and garlic, packed into large casings and smoked. ...

Kielbasa Podwawelska/Vavel Smoked Polish Sausage

Weight: 1.50 LB
The nobler cousin of Kielbasa Zwyczayna (regular Polish sausage) took its name after the Vavel castle and is a specialty of butchers from Krakow. Its made from cured pork finely ground with spices (black pepper, ...

Smalec Goralski - Mountaineers’ Bacon Pate

Weight: 0.85 LB
Traditional simple peasant spread – put it on the dark bread (like on this picture), add some salt and you will enjoy the Polish mountain village specialty.

Kielbasa Wisniowa - Cherry Wood Smoked Polish Sausage

Weight: 1.50 LB
Cherry wood smoked delicious lean pork kielbasa.

Kielbasa Goralska z Oczkiem - Highlander Sausage with Eye

Weight: 1.50 LB
Smoked sausage in the Polish highlander style.

Parowki Slaskie - Silesian Wieners

Weight: 0.75 LB
Tasty pork wieners, thin and long.

Poledwiczka Wedzona - Smoked Pork Tenderloin

Weight: 1.00 LB
This cured juicy smoked pork loin is one of the Polish favorite delicacies.
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